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Posted: 06/01/2016

Welcome to Triple Pick Coffee

At Triple Pick Coffee, we are proudly serving Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans. We strongly believe freshness and strict quality control during processing translates to quality coffee. To achieve that, we must start from the very beginning of processing stages... COFFEE CHERRIES. Not just any coffee cherries but only THE:

FRESHEST - processed within 10 hours from harvesting

HAND PICKED - only cherries with optimum ripeness

SINGLE ORIGIN - micro climate region surrounding Lake Toba, Indonesia



Ripe Red Coffee Cherries


The next few steps involve removing any physical defects to produce our Specialty Grade Sumatran Green Beans.

Triple Picked Sumatran Mandheling Green Beans


The beans are then roasted in-house daily so our customers can enjoy Sumatran Coffee at its best.

Freshly Roasted Sumatran Mandheling


Triple Pick Coffee